The incurable disease due to the abuse that is associated with working at the Taj Mahal. A symptom is often dreading returning, especially after a long weekend, vacation, or leave of absence.
God damn it man this Rusnak-itis is so bad I would rather clamp my testicles in a vice than return to work.
by Dickfingers69420 May 11, 2021
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Being any combination of the following:


Although one does not need to fulfill all of these conditions to "get rusnaked", the relative degree of "being rusnaked" increases with each condition present.
After drinking for 12 hours, Tom was obviously getting rusnaked. He wondered why nobody was drinking near him.

It was a mistake not wearing a clean shirt; now every thinking I'm getting rusnaked.
by Babbalu2u2bu September 29, 2009
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