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A runt that is as dangerous as it is violent. Typically can be spotted by the short stature and scars above their eyes. Nickname mostly given to white men with little man syndrome, but whose actually backed it up. (Negro's please see Monkey Runt). Most Runt Bears also have a calm and friendly side that can be changed at the flip of a dime. Women are typically alarmed the first time they sleep with a Runt Bear, due to the size of their extremely large member. Warning, do not fuck with a Runt Bear.
Slut A: "What a little fucking Runt Bear"

Slut B: "True, but I heard he has a 9" member and is a member of the League of Extraordinary Genitals"

Male friend: "You bitches are sluts"
by Your Stepdad December 02, 2011
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