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Gummy Bears soaked in Rum; a nice treat to have at parties. These are easy to make, you simply get a plastic bottle (Nalgene) and fill with the gummy bears. Then fill with rum (non-spiced, Bacardi Limon works well) until all of the bears are covered. Let them chill for a few hours or overnight. The next day, drain off the rum that wasn't absorbed by the bears and enjoy.

Works well with other alcoholic foods such as Jello Shots
- "Yo did you like those rummy bears at the party last night?"
- "Yea man, good stuff. I had handfulls of 'em."
by BMWE34nication March 14, 2009
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gummy bears soaked in alcohol, mostly liquor, preferably rum
wow these rummy bears are really strong. i feel like i just took a shot!
by zacharyH September 14, 2017
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