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A large bee that can be heard from yards away that flies toward you in a drunken manner.
The Rumbling usually causes mass paranoia which paralyzes it's prey.

After the prey is subdued, it tumbles towards it in a circular motion to feast on it's kill.

Rumble Tumbler's are the "Lone Wolf" of the bee family, known for going rouge and slaughtering anything in it's path.
"Watch out for that rumbletumbler, it's all shit-faced and flying right at you."
"I can feel the roar of the wild rumble tumbler"
by Larzun I May 23, 2013
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term used to express a skateboarder due to the fact that the wheels make loud noise and the riders fall often
last night some rumbletumblers came down my street at

3am and woke me up i was going to yell but i heard their

boards olie and the noise was silenced
by bmxdude December 28, 2009
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An obese whore who wears tight clothing while rolling around, knocking people over belligerently. She may or may not have herpes, but she definitely has an STD.
I was at the bar yesterday and broke my legs because that rumbletumbler was steamrollin' down the stairs and knocked me and a group of other people like a bunch of freakin' bowling pins.

The next morning, I woke up and saw a bunch of warts through my ball-fro and it felt like I was pissing out fire.

by twirlbird69 January 20, 2010
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