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A slang phrase appended to a word (usually a noun), to form a rhetorical question, which denotes superiority (ie. so-and-so Rules, OK?) It sometimes appears without a comma or question mark, but always appears with the informal "ok" as opposed to "okay". The phrase's first recorded use was in 1975, but it is rumored to have originated as early as the 1930's among the Glasgow "Razor Gangs". Rival gangs were known to tag each other's turf with "(gang name) Rules, Ok?" during disputes over territory as a part of gang warfare.
Actual Examples:
Dandys Rule, OK?

Heisenberg probably Rules, OK?
James Bond rules, OOK?
Dyslexics lure, KO.
Potassium Ethoxide rules C2H5OK
by Kinguy May 04, 2006
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