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51. That one chick
52. Awww hell naw
53. There are no rules
54. Follow all rules
55. Paradoxes are science fiction
56. Avatar is alien porn
57. There are such a thing as super heroes
58. Super heroes are fake
59. You have heard a lie
60. Everyone has cancer
61. Everything can give you cancer
62. Sleeping is death
63. Snoring causes death
64. Smoking can kill
65. Smoking can't kill
66. You are confused
67. If your not your confusing
68. Movies can be made from anything
69. Hah... 69
70. Hah... 69 plus one
71. Rules are meant to be broken
72. You can not break all rules
73. Rule 69 is the #1 rule
74. Cartoons are for kids
75. Political cartoons are demoters
76. It's all math and science
77. It' a religion
78. Toys are for all ages
79. All toys are meant to be played with
81. Gibberish is the most common known language
82. There is a Hi for everyone
83. Not everyone waves
84. When your driving down the road stop
85. Google is god
86. The world is never ending
87. The Myens are not dead
88. There is no national treasure
89. God hates Mac users
90. Use Mac and you go to hell
91. Everything's a pet
92. Your ass
93. Rule #92 is amazing
94. There is no escaping fate
95. She fucking hates you for saying she said that
96. There are no more rules
97. Rule #71
98. You believe 96 you fail
99. It's hard to fail
100. There is no end
by D3D@N May 04, 2010
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