A form of "rugby" invented by stupid northerners because they were too stupid to be able to understand the offside rules. Because of this there are no rucks, if you tackle someone you have to bugger off and let them have the ball back again.
Oh, I am a woman, I can't understand offside rules. I know lets invent a form of rugby for stupid people
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The inferior form of rugby. Invented in the North of England after a dispute over whether players should be paid. Can be quite tedious to watch as the defending team have to retreat after every tackle until the tackle count is reached.

Not as popular as rugby Union
Great tackle!! now bugger off and let him get the ball back.
by JJ May 29, 2004
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a shit sport where everyone fingers each others arse.
Nip spiort
by Seb March 21, 2005
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A proper sport, Men full on tackling men not crying because they got a bruise on their ankle like Ronaldo!

Popular in the North of England, Austrailia and New Zealand.

The best teams play this game!
"Rugby League is way better than football"

"Warrington Wolves are a rugby league team"

"So are St Helens, Wigan Warriors etc"
by WarringtonGirl1991 January 02, 2012
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Rugby league is the best sport popular in the U.K. and Australia
Let’s have a game of rugby league , not union!
by TheKid211 December 19, 2017
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