Rugby League is sport where gay sex is acceptable, in fact it is encouraged...to stand even watching this you must possess an IQ just nudging 20 and a brother who is your mother...
Rugby League is a crap game...don't bother trying to watch it...
by pieguy1 May 17, 2007
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Tough game played by tough men where Australia has been the dominant force for recorded memory. AFL fans like to bag it because it is more popular but you dont here Rugby League fans bagging AFL because we dont have a infderiority complex and we dont fell we have to bother with it.

A game in which the greatest player to ever lace a boot is Andrew Johns.
A game in which provides rugby union with there only half decent players.
A game that has more passion and toughness involved than AFL could ever have.
AFL fan: Oh you bloody Rugby League fan its such a shit game why dont you watch a real mans game.

Rugby League fan: Ok mate name a real man that plays the game and a player who gets paid more than a Rugby League Player

AFL: ummmmmmmmmm.....shit.

Rugby League fan: yeh you play your game dressed in fucken bike pants and womens singlets go home and keep AFL to victoria and the other little people states. And oh yeh nearly forgot you "Sport" is so shit and easy to play the Brisbane Lions from Queensland where Rugby League is the unrefuted KING won you petty little AFL competition 3 years in a row ha ha ha h ah a

AFL: oh im sorry i will happily drink the sweat form your balls Rugby League men of men.

by krilled April 23, 2006
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rugby league is a game for soft c**ks that want to fell peoples balls and stick there fingers up other players ass!! who wants to play a game where one guy stickes his head up 2 other players ass then so on and so on!
person 1: did you watch the rooters rugby league game?
person 2: na man im not in to gay sports! i would rather watch port power win a game then watch that!!
by jordan rodgers January 13, 2009
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A sport which involves 2 tribes of shaved down castrated gorrilas running around a paddock attempting to insert fingers into each others rectal cavities (as illustrated by the games most famous player, John Hopoate). The goal of the game is for brain-dead butt invaders who have a penchant for touching other males in a forum where they wont be accused of homosexuality until the are safely in the changerooms and can happily grunt and invade each others rectal region.

Usually played by closet homosexuals or people from Sydney or Brisbane who are too unintelligent to understand the intricacies of superior sports such as AFL and to a lesser extend Cricket and Rugby Union.
***Whilst at the zoo***
Person 1: "Look at those gorillas grunting and exploring their anuses, if you shaved them down it would look like a rugby game."

Person 2: "C'mon thats a bit harsh...goriallas can use rudimentary tools"
by Rob March 28, 2005
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a crap overrated game which the Queenslanders and New South welshmen like, along with taking it up the arse, having no necks, and being fat.

contary to what queenslanders and new south welshmen think, nobody actually likes them or there shitty sport, there just stuck up, because they always have a huge johnson up there ass.

all the other states in australia, follow the better code (AFL.) as they can see past rugby's: boring, testicle grabbing regime.

Rugby is the only game in the world in which you get rewarded for kicking the ball out of play which further adds to its shittyness.
also the players partake in the pre game ritual known as "sucking the umpires johnson" this is a symbolic act to portray there lack of manlihood.
rugby league is a boring game that won't amount to anything outside NSW and QLD in australia.

Rugby league is like watching drugged up pro restlers at a huge gay bar trying to get the umpires johnson up there ass's.
by peter6666 October 04, 2006
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A tediously boring game. popular in 2 states of Australia, Northern parts of the UK and Papua New Guinea, where 13 men of similar build run into each other five times then kick it to each other.

Rugby League used to have possession for the ball but the fans, most with the attention span of a gnat, didn't like it. Now the only competition for the ball happens when the coin is tossed at the start of a game.

For more information on rugby league see: gang rape drug using/dealing criminal rehabilitation
I'd like to play rugby league, but my IQ isn't low enough.
by Everlovin' Antichrist June 30, 2004
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one of the most popular sports in the country of australia. Also very rough. Goal: Get as many tries to win. Try= 4 goal=2 drop goal=1. there are 5 tackles to try and score. It is a 100m pitch with about 5m inside the goal are. Score with putting the ball down in the goal area dont go pass the line in the goal area or the out line
Rugby League is a great sport
by person wif no name September 13, 2008
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