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1. A term used when males go to a massage/spa house and receive the massage on the genitals.

2. Name of a adult dating site who's slogan is "Happy Endings Start Here!"

3. The good old, hand job from someone else.
1. Man, I just got a rug n tug when i was in Vegas at the Bunny Ranch.

2. That site has lots of gorgeous women waiting to give happy endings.

3. The girl friend just gave me a rugntug.
by Mandingo 09 July 10, 2009
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refering to a woman stimulating man using her hands. A rug and tug however is often done secretly in a group setting (eg. under a blanket while watching a movie wiht a group). It is also refered to as a hand job, a happy ending, or a snake tamer
Boy 1: "So what did you are her do last weekend when she was over all day?"

Boy 2: "I got myself a rug n tug"

by slangs up July 24, 2008
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