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Ron Stoppable's pet Naked Mole Rat on the Kim Possible TV Series. Rufus likes eating with Ron at Buano Nacho-they both like Nacos and Grande Sized Chamburritos! With Rufus around everday is muy Buano!
I heard that Smarty Mart was having a Sale,
on a hairless pink rodent with a long skinny tail.
It seemed like this could be the solution
The perfect pet for my dad, sensitive constitution,
So the manager came to open up the cage he said,
"You know this pets airless?"
I said I couldn’t care less
He handed him to me he said,
“Be careful, don’t drop it,
And do you want this cage?”
No I keep him in my pocket

What is that, that freaky thing?
(Yes, that’s right
It’s a naked mole rat)
C’mon, y'all let the girlies sing
(Listen to the naked mole rap)
by Ron Stoppable September 27, 2003
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