"It's almost midnight , wo wo YeAhh"
Ya Wassup bitch, come in da bus

3 words to describe his music: Alternative, soul, PoP
He has an amazing styles and likes bucket hats.

Okay no one gives a FLYING SHIT.
"Hi everybody, my name is Ruel Van Dijk and I'm going to play in a second"
-Ruel 2009
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by Wilbur the dog November 10, 2020
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talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show stopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique, completely not ever been done before
Ruel: hi
Me: * slowly passes out *
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tall lanky boi who loves bucket hats and who is good at making teenagers emotional
friend 1: “do you know ruel”
friend 2: “you mean the tall lanky kid?”
by lanky boi. May 24, 2019
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An Australian Musician and Songwriter from Sydney. He is mainly know for his hit Songs Painkiller, Younger and Face to Face. He has beautiful curtains and one of the best voices you'll ever hear.
Wilson: Hey Becky, have you heard the song Painkiller?
Becky: Of course. I love that song so much!
Tom: Hey who are you guys talking about?
Wilson: Ruel.
Tom: WOW, I love that guys music.
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by bradmondo September 17, 2019
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6'5 lanky boi who can sing ig. who doesn't rb to his snaps (even if u say 'hi ily' everyday). n who doesn't know he is married to emily thomas (now referred to as emily van dijk or mrs van dijk). he has nice hair too ig. its kinda oily though. he also has some gratitoad. he popped his cherry at splendour :/ pablo was kinda seggsy. danger noodle is my favourite after xander and steve ofc xx
*sees tall lanky blonde boi*
oi that is emily's husband, ruel van dijk
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by ruels wife January 18, 2021
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Ruel Van Dijk

That one very tall guy who has a voice of an angel. He has already released 3 ep's before he even turned 18! Very talented I might say.
- oh and yeah, Coco is the SUPERIOR Van Dijk, you can't fight me on this one
Friend 1: oh hey, have you heard about Ruel?
Friend 2: YOU mean that one 6'4 guy that can sing?
Friend 1: Yes! But the DISRESPECT!
by October 23, 2020
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