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A rude boy is not just an impolite male child. The street-cool toughs of Kingston, Jamaica, dressed nattily in the latest and hep-est threads were known as rude boys and they ruled the Kingstown dance halls.
Today, a Rude Boy or Rude Girl is a dedicated ska fan, with a sense of history, style and the ska scene, also known as Rudi, Roody, Rudy, etc. Traditional of the "rude boy/girl" is clothing similar to that of the swing dancers of the 1940’s or that of the historic gangsters akin to Al Capone.
See ska. A rude boy/girl is someone who knows about traditional ska and respects it.
by Airessa February 01, 2005
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Originally, Rude Boys and Rude Girls were fans of ska and rocksteady.
The Clash's 'Rudie Can't Fail' is about Rude Boys:
"Sing, Michael, sing-on the route of the 19 Bus
Hear them sayin'
How you get a rude and a reckless?
Don't you be so crude and a feckless
You been drinking brew for breakfast
Rudie can't fail
So we reply
I know that my life make you nervous
But I tell you that I can't live in service
Like the doctor who was born for a purpose
Rudie can't fail
We hear them sayin'
Now first you must cure your temper
Then you find a job in the paper
You need someone for a saviour
Oh, Rudie can't fail
We reply
Now we get a rude and a reckless
We been seen lookin' cool an' a speckless
We been drinking brew for breakfast
So Rudie can't fail
So where you wanna go today?
Hey boss man!
You're looking pretty smart
In your chicken skin suit
You think you're pretty hot
In your pork pie hat
But...Rudie can't fail
Look out, look out...
Sky juice!...10 cents a bottle!"
by nanashi February 01, 2005
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Someone of african /caribbean origin who is basically NOT chavs but for some reason are always mistaken for them...Often hang around with a crew who have VARIOUS different names such as lady.(name), princess.(name), younger.(name), tiny.(name)...etc.
People don't seem to grasp the concept that chavs and Rude boy/Rude Girl are completely different. For starters, chavs are of english origin and tend to be greasy, wearing nike/adidas tracksuits and spending their time loitering at Mcdonalds, sitting at bus stops, 'getting pissed' and sporting the latest fake fashion design (usually the classic burberry or the good old fake gucci sling bag). Most chavs tend to cause trouble with other groups such as grungers, greebos, emos...etc.They also tend to have graffs and crews just like rudeboys and girls but if a group of chavs saw a group of rude boys, they would run a mile.Rudeboys are often known as 'hoodrats' or 'hoodlums'. They also loiter the street, but this tends to be at the local shopping centre. If a bunch of chavs are sitting at the back of the bus and see a group of rude boys they WOULD get up.Hoodrats are not greasy, do not use all the same slang as chavs e.g minger...etc and do not wear the same clothes. Ive never seen a rude boy in burberry.
by Aisleyn June 10, 2006
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Rudes wear designer gear and listen to garage/RnB/'hip hop' and they often hang around in big gangs and make up they're own language which no one can understand. Words/phrases in their vocab include: raggin' it, flossin', mingin', rank, nang, mingin' and many others including my personal favourite 'innit' which is usually thrown inbetween two random words.
In their gangs, a rudes main aim is to cause terror and abuse passers by even if they havent done anything. They often prey on greebos and beat the hell out of them just for being different.
Rude: Innit, I is blatently raggin' it man. Rah ma homie, dis is ma crew. What is you jibbzing bout?
Greebo: You are a total silly twat.
by Ali August 21, 2004
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People that wear designer clothes, mostly white burbury stuff, attack people for fun and listen to rap music. They have a laugnuage all to themselves and hate others from other groups, such as greebos.
'Yo innit lyke, safe man, i own my crew!!!'
by amelia October 11, 2004
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