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Ruben is a well known member of Face Book. he surfaced in 2007 on the Australian Network Discussion Boards. Where he was known for his self imposed Virginity, digging penknives into his flesh when he had a dirty thought. Also considered people with Tattoo's thieves and shoplifters.

Ruben resurfaced in 2009 with a FB group called "I tongue kissed my mother and liked it"
He would send out messages to all its members retelling mother loving stories. Also a known advocate for posting honest comments on attention whores pictures.

Ruben is much loved and a fine example of Sri Lankan Male.
Vagino posted

"Geez that Ruben's one sick Fuck"

You replied

"Ruben Zatessin is the hottest fuck on facebook you fucking mong"
by Ricky Foxwell March 02, 2009
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