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Ruben Santoyo is a short Mexican that can be equally handsome like his friends. If you give him flirting hints, he will take them and accept them. Unlike people like Zackie or Freddie. Like flirting with girls with the name of Lisa or Alyssa because he see's a sexy girl in them. Or they might just be pimpin on the whole school. If he catches you staring at him, it might get you confused. Although your brother might go "Ew he see's this ugly girl". They may not speak a lot, but trust me they are capable of doing because of their strong actions. Will befriend your older brother and become close to him <3. If you know a Ruben, keep flirting with them because trust me, they LOVE it and it spoils their pimp side with fondness and warmth. He doesn't even care if his best friend has a crush on a girl that's ugly. Ruben might have dated another girl. However he wants you to be apart of his social circle as well. A Rube
Ruben Santoyo is pure awesome guy. He will stick with his homies. Normally a popular guy. However he uses that against him and doesn't really get good grades in school. But you don't care about it because you now he's school famous according to his looks.
by ChristianQueen June 13, 2018
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