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Rozzie (aka Roslindale)

Rozzie kids or babies go out and party hard.

There are always 3 guys for every one girl
because 2 out of 3 rozzi / westie kids gets no pussy
and the girl is either the on kid with games girlfriend or she gets really drunk and gets with every guy in one night and never chills wtih them again becuz it reminds them of their sloppy 5ths.
it is commonly debated by westie / rozzi kids whether it is best to be the 1st to get the girl at the party or the last. becuz the last gets to smash. but the 1rst gets less germs
thaat the ratio
Dude guy our Rozzie Ratio is popping, is twenty of us and three girls. One of the girls is dudes girlfriend so we will take the other two and divide them equally
by shillsalej November 07, 2010
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