To be more than fucked.
The situation is well beyond the definition of fucked.
When you are in a position that no matter what happens at that point, there will be no positive outcome.
He cheated on his wife with his secretary, and they both found out and so did his boss. He's royally fucked now.

See also: fucked proper.
by Avrus September 3, 2004
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Amazing hardcore sex. Defined as royal because it's so good that it seems as only high class people should be treated that nice.
Billy bob gave me a royal fucking last night.

Billy bob: "Dude I gave that girl a royal fucking".
by Ud master November 11, 2013
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To make a horrible mess in grand over-the-top style.
I went out on a blind date and got horribly blotto on martinis, started flirting with other patrons of the establishment, only to then end up staying the night with this said date and getting spooked there's a body next to me in the morning and hardly recognizing them. As a result of my previous night's poor behavior, the date never calls you again. What a royal fuck up, get it together!
by juanita von mendezarro December 12, 2008
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A thousand times more intense than FUBAR. Unfixable, will never work
by snowman70 September 27, 2010
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To be fucked, not necessarily analy, by someone who is in a higher social standing.
Lily: " I slept with Jason last night."
Lily's friend: "The hottest guy in school? You slut! you were so royally butt fucked last night!"
by Audrey Hepburn Bitches November 15, 2015
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