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Roy The Penis is a cartoon character created in December 1991 by a bored schoolboy. Although the first episode was rushed in a 1h 10 minute English lesson, it was an instant example of comedy genius and fellow pupils demanded to see more. Even 21 years later, you can be sure that, like one of his episodes was titled - 'Roy Lives'.

Roy is stereotypical of teenage males and each story had its own theme and titled as such. Examples of this are 'Roy Gets Pissed', 'Roy Gets Laid', 'Roy Meets Caroline (uncensored)', 'Roy Fights The Raging Horn', etc etc.'

From time to time other characters would appear in Roy comic strips, such as The Galloping Arseholes, who were there to either add comedy value, or just annoy and make Roy's jokes sound even funnier.

Roy's morals, ethics and indeed catchphrases are renowned all over the UK, and himself as being a truly upstanding member of the community.
Some of you may remember the shocking events of January 1992 when a ginger I.T. idiot decided that Roy was receiving more attention from his students than his "Pinky" lectures. He promptly kidnapped Roy and held him hostage without any ransom demand. This was then used as the setting for one of Roy's most famous two-part strips, 'Roy Gets Kidnapped' and then 'Roy's Escape' (subtitled 'Never Doing Tradesmans Again').

Delinquent young males have been overheard saying to their career advisers "I have been reading the works of Roy and now know the error of my ways. When I grow up, I want to be just like Roy The Penis."

Remember, Roy ain't heavy, he's The Penis.
by Shofty April 28, 2012
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