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Roxas beetles are the group of insects with the largest number of known species.contains more described species than in any other order in the animal kingdom, The roxas beetle is about 95% of all known noobs.1 95% of all described n00b species are beetles (about 350,000 species1), and new species are frequently discovered. Estimates put the total number of species, described and undescribed, at between 5 and 8 million.

(Fuck thats alot of n00by beetles)

Roxas beetles can be found in almost all habitats, Like Counter-Srike: Source nonsteam servers. They interact with their ecosystems in several ways. They often feed on bomb kills and fluke kills.Some species are ban of people who say he is a beetle including sank and wonderwall. Certain species are agricultural pests, such as roxas.
Flint: Fuck off roxas you dam beetle.
Roxas: I'm not a beetle.
*The Roxas beetle bans flint*
by Wond3rWalL January 07, 2009
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