An incredible unique cute and quirky hottie!!! Tends to love being a strong independent woman and someone who fights against patriarchy! Anyone who knows a ross has definitely jerked off to the thought of him anally penetrating you at least twice! If you know a Ross you should be very grateful! The only issue with ross is he can be a bit too dominant and when I say that I FUCKING MEAN IT. A ross can one minute be fondling you and being gentle and the next minute be choking you BRUTALLY!!!
Shit! THAT guys really hot and gentle but a bit too dominant, he must be a ross
by Michelleobama69 May 06, 2019
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A mad ginger thing tha loves milk on his head he'll kick your head in if you touch his pot of gold
That fella Ross kicked his head in for touching his pot of gold
by Skippydooda April 16, 2020
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ragnaross, he dosent take orders and he is his own law
by kwibbis April 18, 2019
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His mother just adores his feet. And will tell him often, marvelling at the sparkelly clean heel, and well shaped toenails.
Ross, a human boy who has excellent feet...apparently
by DatFuckingGinger July 25, 2018
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Ross is a kind hearted sole but will mostly play games but will always be there for u .he is a AMAZING father and AMAZING boyfriend and if you have a Ross in your life then your lucky. He can get mad sometimes but is really kind and will protect you at all times
by Clandj May 03, 2020
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