Hillary Clinton's Siamese Twin. They were joined at the dick. The dick's name is Janet Reno.
Even after separation, Hillary always gets the shake at the end after Rosie O'Donnell gets through pissing.
by Aribeth April 13, 2005
A fat, loud-mouthed, ultra-liberal, lesbian New Yorker that needs to die As Soon As Possible! She is the female version of Michael Moore.
This annoying loud-mouth lardo has been in A League of Our Own, Harriet The Spy (gay), was a featured voice on Tarzan, and the bitch was given a fuckin show of her own over three years ago!
by Son of Union Veterans November 19, 2004
A planet of massive size and density. Considered the King of All Planets, the planet has made millions shouting across a table at other, slightly skinnier, planets that some people actually found entertaining.
Rosie O'Donnell's mass is so large that it no longer revolves around the Sun. Rather, the Sun revolves around it.
by FightClubber December 30, 2009
When you fart and it zips right up into your vagina following the path of least resistance. Often occurring in individuals with larger butts.
"Oh man I just Rosie O'Donnell'd! Hate when that happens...next stop stank queef"
by KEISHAFISCHER June 18, 2018
large freak of nature who revealed the ending of fight club because she didnt like the violence....in an R rated movie named FIGHT CLUB. And no, none of her partners are attractive.
ahhh real monsters! rosie o'donnell
by eatinggrapesatthemomentojiljlk October 15, 2010
A golf shot that's hit behind the ball (fat) and flys short and off line (ugly).

"Damn, that bitch of a shot was Rosie O'Donnell; fat AND ugly!
by JWDURF November 17, 2007
The largest land mammal in Hollywood, it was once believed to be female and doctors took it's word.
Child: Zookeeper zookeeper, those two elephants are killing each other.
Zookeeper: It's Rosie O'Donnell eating.
Child: Oh.
by HolyToiletWater July 16, 2012