n. a term used in Florida (at least), and usually in convenience store type settings, for the 4 inch long glass tube that features a tiny plastic rose inside but is known by all, including the authorities, to really be intended for use as a crack cocaine smoking pipe. (A Tampa newscaster recently shocked many by presenting an expose on the sale of "roses" from behind the counters of several small grocery stores!)
Yeah, whattup Fergie! Give me two packsa Kool cancers and 3 roses, k bro?
by galcoolest March 10, 2005
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Rose is one of the prettiest girls you could meet she is caring/kind/amazing and everything you could ask for . If you get her love she will be quite shy but will always have your attention . If your a cheater/player/use her/abusive she will not trust you anymore she is a funny crazy good rapper and a rose is just the best person will ever meet . She is nuts btw . If you get on the bad side you better run I'm telling you now like . A rose is always up for a party and will always stick up for her friends she will always be there . If you have a rose in your life that's the best thing make memories like it's nearly the end . treasure her/him for as long as you can I have a rose in my life and I will try keep her here for as long as I can . LYSM ROSE
Rose is a object
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by Skatie G January 10, 2018
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Used by prostitutes, Meaning a Benji or 100 dollar bill when the person doesn't want to plainly say I want money they usually add it in a discreet sentence that could be interpreted differently if you didn't already know what was up.
A hooker would say "you need to bring 1 rose" or "Roses are a girls best friend" that means you need to pay up sucka and she wants you to bring a friend with ya, Ben Franklin.. Can you dig it?
by GreenCodeinE May 29, 2010
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the most annoying character in the metal gaer series
Rose: oh Raiden i love you
Raiden: shut up bitch, im trying to kill people here!
by oswald the ninja July 19, 2004
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Rose is a beautiful girl. Normally short with dark hair and dark eyes. Her bestfriends are usually named Mya. She's hot as and if you ever mess with her her bestfriend Mya will have her back and they will both gang up on you and you better watch out.
*guy 1* - I'm looking for someone to date, do you know anyone.
*guy 2*- yeah go for a rose, you'll never look back!
by you.dont.know.my.name April 08, 2017
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Love interest of Jack from the Oscar winning film, "Titanic." In the end of the film, they float together on a board in the middle of the ocean. He attempts to keep her warm:

JACK: Blah, blah... never give up, no matter what happens.
ROSE: Yeah, whatever. I promise.
JACK: Never let go.
ROSE: I'll never let go. (unclasps Jack's frozen hand from her own, dropping him into the depths of the ocean)
ME: Well, just goes to show you. Women cannot be trusted.

Gossiper 1: Did you hear? Some girl just pushed her boyfriend off of a cliff!

Gossiper 2: Well, that was a real Rose thing to do.

by thomatticus March 06, 2009
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