Is 100% sexy, beautiful and amazing. So stunning, amazing bod, hears of friends and is a total QUEEN. Sassy af and just beautiful. Kinda a hoe but why wouldn't you be with bod like that?
new kid: who's the popular girl here
student: The pretty, princess over there. Rose
by lovebear123 July 07, 2016
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A pretty flower, which has a variety of different colours, most vividly red.
Michael gave his girlfriend Alice a rose, because they were in love.
by SomeoneNew August 28, 2014
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noun: 1. a flower of one color petal; comes in different colors 2. the name of a woman, usually associated with beauty
verb: the past tense of rise
I picked a rose for you.
Let's go see Rose.
Sam rose from his seat, shaking with anger.
by Kerp March 06, 2004
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A beautiful red (or white, yellow, pink) thorned flower that girls absolutely adore, especially when given to them in bunches of 12.
Guy 1: So, what did you get your girlfriend for Valentine's Day?
Guy 2: Roses and a box of chocolates.
Guy 1: Well, aren't YOU original...
Guy 2: Oh, yeah? Well, what did you get YOUR girlfriend?
Guy 1: Roses and ...shut up...
by Aardvark July 10, 2005
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A lot of rap songs reference it (Bottoms Up -Trey Songz Ft. Nicki Minaj). It's actually spelled Rosé. It's an type of bottle of Champagne (Cristal).
2002 Louis Roederer "Cristal" Brut Rosé Champagne
by Casper C. January 20, 2011
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Rose is one of the prettiest girls you could meet she is caring/kind/amazing and everything you could ask for . If you get her love she will be quite shy but will always have your attention . If your a cheater/player/use her/abusive she will not trust you anymore she is a funny crazy good rapper and a rose is just the best person will ever meet . She is nuts btw . If you get on the bad side you better run I'm telling you now like . A rose is always up for a party and will always stick up for her friends she will always be there . If you have a rose in your life that's the best thing make memories like it's nearly the end . treasure her/him for as long as you can I have a rose in my life and I will try keep her here for as long as I can . LYSM ROSE
Rose is a object
via giphy
by Skatie G January 10, 2018
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roses in outkast's song has NOTHING to do with vaginas...its just an expression to point out to the girl "caroline" that her shit (which she thinks is like roses) actually is just plain shit.

where the hell did you get vagina for THAT definition??
roses really smell like poo-poo
by aardvark October 14, 2004
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