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An institution for the criminally insane, pedophiles, necrophiliacs, potheads (in excessive quantity), and Scotty and Nathan.

Built under the pre-ordained basis of a middle school. After the first principal was determined to be ineffective, the district had him assasinated and replaced him with one david Larson. After Larson's succesful 3 year regime, the district unanimously decided to promote him to major general where he currently serves, until 2009, when he was inexplicably shot by his own men. The school was then placed under the tenure and special care of Lucifer, aka Satan. Shortly thereafter, the district realized their utter incompetence and fell into irrevocable anarchy. God Save the Queen.
President Barack Obama: So Scott and Nathan, where did you guys go to Jr. High?

Scott and Nathan: Rose Hill Junior High School sir.

President: How was your experience there?

Scott and Nathan: It was one of rape and anarchy, even a few zombie invasions and molotov cocktail incidents sir.

President: How delightful!
by Inmates_110891_and_030592 October 01, 2010
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