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A Roschelle has a small beautiful frame, She is a hard worker. She is beautiful she stands out in a crowd and does not even realize it. She loves much and deeply but it's usually unrequited, For this reason she does not see how truly beautiful she is. Many desire her but the one she desire's rejects her. She is quiet and secret behind her smile are only tears her heart a twisted tangled mess yet she can still believe forgive and love. She is stronger than she believes. Her dark eyes and hair curls fit perfectly along her pale skin. Her small hands have scars. If you pulled back the shell of a Roschelle you'd see as the same amount of hurt and shame as there is love and forgiveness. Her perfect form only reflects what she tries to be but has failed.
She's perfectly beautiful, With a heavy heart and tears no one sees They only see a love she still tries to give.
"look at the girl, She's perfect always happy smiling and beautiful"

"She's a Roschelle, be careful She's hurting more than anyone really knows. She never tells anyone just keeps giving hoping someone wont take her for granted. She's a Roschelle."
by she don't think I know her. February 02, 2010
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