A Beautiful Girl, perfect though she will never admit it. Has Green eyes and amazing smile. She will make you go crazy your so in love with her. Rose
Jacob fell for Rosa as he watched her smile.
by dawnofexpo November 26, 2011
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Name Sounds Like Roses Mostly Missprounenced by white people. In spanish means rose, flower, or pink.
Amanda Rosas is a bad ass

White definition: Ms.Rojhas Is please be quiet.
Maby When you Say MY Name Right I WILL!
by Ms.Rosas October 11, 2008
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Means Kurdish princess. A stunning woman that has olive skin, amazing brown eyes, the prettiest smile and who always looks beautiful in the morning even without makeup. She Dresses perfectly and would make he most wonderful girlfriend ... also has a potty mouth, a penchant for Carling and sometimes his twin brother and under no circumstance would ever pay for condoments.
Boys 1: That Rosa over there has a bit of a potty mouth
Boy 2: yeah but have you seen how amazing she looks in the morning?
Boy 1: yeah ive also heard she laughs out loud when you try to cum on her tits!!
Boy 2: True Bredrin
by Stupid boy January 13, 2007
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The girl of your dreams, wet or dry.
Person 1: Dude, I just had the best dream ever...

Person 2: You dreamed of Rosa again, didn't you...

Person 1: My fucking boxers are wet... fuck.
by The Voice 9 March 29, 2009
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A gorgeous girl that always turns heads on the streets. She doesn’t need makeup and is the type of woman who has places to go and a brain that can outsmart many. She is charming and flirty but, mysterious. She is also independent and will prick you with her throne if you mess with her. Treat her right, she is a woman you wouldn’t want to miss.
*Rosa waking in the streets*

*Everyone in the perimeters of 15 meters turns their heads to catch a glimpse of her gorgeous aura*
by Your username December 27, 2017
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A person with extra large boobies and is completely mental. She is a great freind but is annoying when she strangles and puts people in headlocks. A rosa uses her enoromous boobies to hide things within them.
"i just got put in a headlock by Rosa"
"ugh not again"
by AfroNinja III December 15, 2009
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