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Rosé Season is a lifestyle for all seasons. The rosé lifestyle is popular among pretty people enjoying pretty cocktails in pretty places.

Rosé triggers positive emotions and memories, which helps explain the rise of popularity on social media. Popular hashtags include #RoséSeason, #RoséAllDay and #YesWayRosé.

True Rosé Seasoners know that the season never ends, but it is most popular in warmer, summer months. Rosé Seasoners typically reside in NYC, Miami, LA, Dallas and Chicago, but you can find them summering in the Hamptons and wintering in Aspen. They also spend part of their summer in other luxurious and exclusive destinations, such as on yachts and beach clubs in St. Tropez, Mykonos, Ibiza, the Amalfi Coast and Croatia. In the wintertime, they will head to chateaus and mountain chalets in the Alps, or they will seek warmer weather in Australia, South Africa and Southeast Asia.
by Rosé Season June 20, 2018
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