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1. A Rope Dungeon is a large confined space in which an Asian, ( the owner of the Dungeon.) lulls victims into a false sense of security and then uses ropes to violate them and harm them.

2. The Rope out of Rope Dungeons can also be applied in bank situations, where the perpetrator (generally Asian) uses a rope to in some way violate the people inside and steal an entire bank.

3. Owners of Rope Dungeons generally have very sick fetishes with Ropes and suck shit at English.

1. A 10,000 reward is out for the Asian MSC student who roped several banks, kicked a ladies ass and is currently operating underground "Rope Dungeons" all over the country.

2. Hey Dang, been roping any banks lately?

3. This! is going straight to the Rope Dungeon.

4. for further information please dial 0000
by Ropingbanks101 April 11, 2011
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