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A type of hipster that is typically interested in traditional folk and country music, with the emphasis being traditional! They tend to show a disdain for indie folk and related genres which they claim only corrupt the genre's purity. Also Roots Hipsters tend dress in clothes that were popular at the turn of the 20th century in the style of the day as opposed to the so called individualistic twists of regular hipsters. In conclusion Roots Hipsters tend to dislike regular hipsters because their belief that regular hipsters don't know what real culture is and couldn't appreciate it if they did.
Johnny " Hey did you hear, Mumford and Sons is coming to town? You should take Joe, he's a total hipster." Sam " Don't you know, Mumford and Sons is for stupid people who don't understand what real folk culture is." Sam walks away puts on his derby hat and begins listening to some Old Time Mountain Music. Sam is a Roots Hipster
by ZS95 March 05, 2015
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