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A major pain in the ass. Rude Never Fuckin' Leaves, and snores like an effin 18 wheeler. Blames you for everything...even if you don't have any clue what he's talkin about. Changes your roommate (who used to be your friend) into the biggest bitch you've ever met, and the worst person in the world to live with. He continues to think he owns a piece of your room and never leaves...even when you are getting ready to get in the shower(you actually have to tell him to leave when your standing there in your bra.) Inconsiderate bastard that trys to make you feel guilty for things you didn't even know happend between him and your roommate. Has an incredibly annoying laugh. Locks you out of your own room. Pretty much just a total JackASS who ruines everything about your roommate and former friend. Referred to as Fuckin' Bryan.(or any name works)
My Roommate's Boyfriend fits the definition above perfectly. His Name is Bryan Smith.
by Akitram Rrop BW December 31, 2008
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