The best cd ever made. If you don't have it, buy it and listen to it over and over again.
Room For Squares is better than any of your sucky-ass Good Charlotte cds.
by Maggie November 20, 2003
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The synchronous movement used by 3 or more co-workers in a tightly-spaced break room.

The ballet begins by each worker being stationed at one of the following:

Water cooler, coffee maker, cup station, refrigerator, snack machine, soda machine, silverware drawer, sink.

Each participant moves in unison from station to station as necessary, so as not to get in another co-worker's way.

Dance movements range from simple backwards and fowards steps, to more creative moves such as the "Matrix Backbend" to retrieve a coffee stirrer and the "Pull, Smell, Squint and Toss" manuevre when dealing with refrigerator leftovers.

Co-workers stuck in a Boss Sandwich are generally the leaders of this activity.
By the time it was over, the Break Room Square Dance had consumed both pots of coffee, taken all of the sporks and somehow left a slew of Avon pamphlets in its wake....
by LuckyPucker February 13, 2009
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