When your penis is erect, protruding from, and held vertical by the wasteband of your underwear and pants, you are 'Rooing'.

This is usually a way to attempt to control an unexpected erection, and is used to avoid pitching a tent.

This is in reference to a baby kangaroo (a joey) peeking out from his mother's pouch.
*people watching sexy videos!*

--"Whoa! That was super-sexy! Let's go on a beer run!"

"Dude, I totally can't get up from the couch just now...I'm Rooing! Flip over to Anderson Cooper 360 for like two minutes and i'll be good to go!"

--"Right on! Just don't lift your shirt--I don't want to see that Joey!"

by jason gross January 04, 2007
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A musical instrument made from the cardboard tube of a paper towel roll. The player places the tube to their mouth and says "roo roo" repetedly. Can also be made from the center of wrapping paper rolls.
Whenever I come to the end of a roll of paper towels, the kids yell "I GET THE ROO ROO", and they drive me nuts.
by FatSlobBob October 05, 2008
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A roommate of the opposite sex. Can be used to refer to both past or present roommates; once a roo, roos for life.
by roooo May 03, 2007
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Guy: Isn't that Jenna over there?
Guy 2: No that's Jenna Roo Roo!
by true.fact March 30, 2011
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