A non gender-specific, animal who scavenges for food. Has similar properties to a parasite. In popular culture it has come to describe people who constantly demand the resources of others, for example food.
Girl A: Oh please may I try one of those, I've never had one before, they look tasty.
Girl B: Fuck off Roo!
by sophie4kate March 18, 2011
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An imaginary room where you can have anything and everything you want in it. The obvious difference between a roo and a room is that a roo is much cooler than a room because it has no "M"
My roo has a waterbed, a lavalamp with smiley stickers, a massaging bean bag chair, a bowling alley, a circus bear, a...
by JAKJAK362 December 14, 2010
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Slang term for any type of chewing tobacco. Extremely useful name in high school because teachers have no idea what is being talked about.
"Hey Greg you got any roo left?"
"Let me have a pinch of that "
by the_steve_0 March 06, 2007
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