A word used to describe any emotion you could possibly ever feel.
I feel so darn roo right now .
by Rooxhickdn August 08, 2018
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Roos- originally form Buckaroos
Guy 1- How many roos you got?
Guy 2- Bout 20.
Guy 1- Bet lets buy a 20 sack.
by B bone 225 November 28, 2017
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1.an extremly massive and huge person; one who is the size of 40 people; a fat ass

2. One who eats 24/7 while simultaneously being an annoying prick (I.E stealing, saying offhand remarks and telling lies about girls his ugly ass has supposedly slept with)
Holy shit! That Roo is fat as hell! There is a Roo eating all my food!
by Totzot January 11, 2011
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An absolutely legend who loves peen, has a peen, and appreciates the awesomeness of peen. A Roo is made of awesome and brings fun to MSN orgies in epic proportions.
...the definition speaks for itself really. If you don't have a Roo, then I'm gutted for you.
by Lanna-Pidge July 25, 2008
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A roommate of the opposite sex. Can be used to refer to both past or present roommates; once a roo, roos for life.
by roooo May 03, 2007
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