Man I cant fall asleep Mckizzle what should I do?

Dude go Roo it does the trick 70 percent of the time, everytime!
by Brad-Mike December 04, 2010
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The fukin Taliban of Straya, but they are accepted because they are the only reliable mode of transport; No one likes riding the Echidnas so fuk off. Watch out, if you see a wild Roo munchin your grass, fuk it up before it fuks you up.
Larry: Fuk theres a Roo on my lawn.
Roo: Fuk cunt, I will fuk youy up.
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by MINI RANGA JESUS May 30, 2019
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Some badass shoes. Usually colorful.
Why, those are lovely roos you have on.

- oh thank you,
by C gizzle September 12, 2004
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South African slang for someone who is obnoxious and rude, and can't hold their drink
Did you see that Roos outside Walkabout, throwing up all his dinner?
by xanderpeters October 20, 2006
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Roo - a female that enjoys the texture and taste of male semen
My gf lisa is a real cum-a-roo.
by chammm July 24, 2006
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Short for kangaroo, this term is used to describe a girl who jumps from guy to guy.
Guy 1: Rachel ha had like 5 boyfriends in the last month
Guy 2: dude I know she's such a roo
by The darkest mind July 02, 2014
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