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It's when you walk into the bedroom wearing size 13 or larger boots and rocking a 'fro. You shove one of the boots up her pussy until she starts bleeding, then you dip your nose in until it's fully red, tickle her with your 'fro. Finally, you get up and as you're about to walk away you remind her to stay happy by yelling out "Smiles are free, bitch!!!". Then you walk away.
Kevin: how did that little skank Alex like your gift?

Guido: I spent the money on booze instead, then I went over to her place and gave her a Ronald McDonald.

Kevin: wow, you've really gona the extra mile with this bitch huh?

Guido: yah, she's lucky to have someone as thoughtful as me. Who else would do the Ronald McDonald sex move on that whore.
by spanish_harlem55 September 24, 2009
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