Ron McGovney was the original bassist for the band Metallica. He met James Hetfield in highschool and the two became friends. He never recorded on a Metallica alblum or wrote any music or lyrics. Dave Mustaine and Hetfield said that he didn't contribute much to the band musically and that he just followed. Ron felt that the other members of the band treated him as more of an unofficial manager rather than a member of the band and was growing tired of being responsible for their drunken antics. Finally in the winter of 1982 he left Metallica, he had played with them for 10 months. Cliff Burton replaced him as bassist in 1983. He attended Metallica's introduction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2009. James Hetfield invited Ron along with former Metallica members Jason Newsted and Dave Mustaine to the Introduction. He resides in North Carolina along with his wife and children.
by HungPastor May 18, 2009
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