Skateboard terminology.
When a skateboarder grinds or slides on a handrail up a stairset instead of down.
An inference to Romeo and Juliet, wherein Romeo climbs the balcony to Juliet. In this case, the skater, "Romeo", rides the rail up the stairs to "Juliet".
Jeremy leapt up to the rail into a crooked grind, taking Romeo's route up the 4 set.
by Antoine Remindola November 27, 2020
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1. a window, usually on the first or second floor, that can be easily accessed from the outside by thieves/asshole men.

2. A window so low and accessible that your boyfriend/girlfriend/non-binary life partner can sneak into your room without breaking a sweat
I just moved into this first floor apartment with these huge- ass Romeo windows. I'm either gonna need some window grates or a shotgun.
by Pop up witch December 26, 2019
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_.honk._.romeo._ Is an amazing person and amazing platonic husband.

He’s really easy to become friends with and we love him<3
Bro _.honk._.romeo._ is so fucking cool
by r3alquackt1y September 8, 2021
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•A man that does tiktoks and nothing else. Legong-ness level is maxed out.
• "Stop being a Tango Romeo and do something useful!
by tkrms May 28, 2020
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Usually used as a reference to a bad housing decision, resulting from a lack of intellectual reasoning
Michael made a horrible decision, he sold his beautiful apartment for a run down area at St Romeo Hospice and Palliative Care Centre
by Durant69 September 2, 2019
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this false crime happens and get a good guy arrested for being in love . so it can happen many ways and i will show two here. let's say a 24 year old guy got with a 16 year old girl when she turn legal age of consent right? but didn't even have sex right away anyway and they so in love the society and police how long yall been together having sex. and she don't want to seem fast and gave it up too easy so she says they been together for 6 years and now she's 17, and he's 25. when they might of just she don't look like a slut, and he had every intention of doing right by her and marrying her but they arrested him for criminal sexual conduct 1st degree and 2nd degree because she was a minor and has life imprisonment and probably get rape in prison because people thought he rape a little girl. another way is a girl who is underage like 13 years old having a relationship with a 24 year old but he don't have sex with her yet because shes not the legal age of consent. and when people ask if they have sex she says yes because she feels guilty because he buys her all kinds of gifts out of love and fast food every day and no one gets to eat out every day but rich people so now this person goes to prison forever too and probably get rape when he would of waited until she was age and did nothing wrong and married her too, both cases would of.
people be so evil with they do to innocent people like The Romeo and Juliet Punishment.
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