1. Pitcher from the seventies who has 341 career saves and a kick ass handle-bar mustache.

2. sweet ecstasy that causes muscular contractions in the hands and will cause the user to pass out and have vivid dreams/hallucinations. Used by many pro tetherball players.
1. Rollie Fingers pitched for Oakland.

2. My friend Matt and and I were tripping on rollie and played tetherball for two hours.
by Gary Silverstone November 21, 2006
Waiting until your girlfriend/wife passes out and drawing a mustache on her with permanent marker. This is best done when she has to go somewhere the next day; and when you don't feel like getting laid for a month.
"I gave her the Rollie Fingers. She couldn't figure out why the Jehovah's Witness was looking at her sideways when she answered ther door the next morning."
by Fattooth Electricteeth December 2, 2007
Rollie Fingers was a major league relief pitcher from 1968-1985 known for his handlebar mustache.To have rollie fingers means to clumsily drop something. Not because Rollie Fingers was clumsy, but just because that's what his name sounds like.
When Joe kept dropping his fork, Mike said,"Man, you have rollie fingers."
by la.bored May 7, 2009
When you jizz on your partner's upper lip and then adorn previously trimmed pubes in such a way as to form facial hair of the mustachio variety. Then, continue to form the mustache until bushy small upward pointing ends appear, much like that of famed baseball pitcher Rollie Fingers.
Yo, my bizzo was all about mustaches so I gave her the Rollie Fingers last night.
by me.....)()( July 24, 2009
The smell left on your hands by tobacco when rolling a cigarette.
Fuck me lad I've got a severe case of Rollie fingers from this backy
by Gordonthesweaty May 27, 2017