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A way of saying that someone is invented perfection and being ethereal. A 'Roh Taehyun' is someone who's good-looking, excellent in krumping (can also be the definition of Krumping) and someone who's perfectly created by the gods. He is also someone that possesses a high quality voice, a honey-like and angel-like voice that can hit high notes perfectly and choreograph various steps in every concepts; he can either be cute and manly, or, be the reason of your death.
Person 1: wow this guy is so perfect! He was able to choreograph a dance in like an hour or so. He's so perfect and damn girl, his dance is so fucking a++++ while looking so ethereal
Person 2: wow, a total 'Roh Taehyun' out there.
by nohtaehyunplsstop May 25, 2018
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