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Rocky Mount is where the men are idiot wannabe's and the airhead women fall for the BS they spit. If you wanna get some in Rocky Mount NC all you have to tell a girl/woman that she is a good girl or a nice girl and they fall for it. The women are all whores but none of them know it because they all know a girl who has been with more than they have. You can usually find these women in church on Sunday jumping up and down, shouting, crying, or telling you about their Godliness. After you grow weary of your Rocky Mount Whore the easiest way to break it off with her is to start off by telling her she is a good girl but... Don't worry if you find the next girl is not as good in bed the Rocky Mount Whore will see you again (even if she is in a new ("relationship") all you have to do is tell her a lot of nice stuff that she wants to hear and tell her that you just want to be friends
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by Marine2000 October 16, 2011
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