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When a guy gets a boner and farts/shits at the same time.
Dan: Bro, that taco bell was fire af and that chick in there was hot af
Gabe: I know bro! She nearly made me rocket launch!
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by RubLox June 21, 2018
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When a ginger gets an erection. Mimicking the fiery awesomeness of a rocket taking off.
After many attempts Joe had a successful rocket launch.
by Rein UDK September 08, 2010
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When a guy sticks his penis so far up your vagina it goes out the other end to your asshole.

or vice versa. from your ass to your vagina.
my ass is sore.
because I got rocket launched last night.

I got rocked launched so hard the other day I had to get stiches!
by ceara, dezi and erin November 29, 2007
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