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The most elite form of combat known to children below the age of 15.
"Rockem Sockem: more fun than a pillow fight!"
by Gh3rkinman May 03, 2010
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Is a mixed musical genre night in at Otto's Shrunken Head in NYC. It is a social event in which djs tag team in the Dj booth of doom and bands play in back.
Hey that was fun. We RockEM SockEM them.
by UltraV February 04, 2010
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A sexual act in which you are nailing a chick missionary style without a condom, and just as you are about to cum you scream, "I'm CUMMING!" Just as you blast your wad, you elbow drop the girl in the face, knocking her out cold. You then run like hell.
"Dude, remember that chick who was drunk at the party last night?"

"Yeah, I remember her. Did you nail her?"

"Hell yes, man, I gave her the Rock 'em Sock 'em! She won't remember who knocked her up!"
by Croi Dhubh January 26, 2010
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