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Term used to refer to people who have no musical talent, but due to games such as Guitar Hero and Rock Band, they convince themselves that they can actually play an instrument. This misconception usually makes itself apparent when a Rock-Hero is given a chance to play a the instrument they think they can play, resulting in the Rock-Hero making a spectacle of themselves while also annoying the instruments owner and nearby people. The most cummon instruments are drums, bass, or guitar.

Guy1: "Dude, what the hell are you doing with that guitar?"

Guy2: "Bro, I play Rock Band all the time, I figure the movements were real enough... I figured I could hammer out a simple tune"

Guy1: "Well you might be a Rock-Hero Musician... But you were wrong. Invest in guitar lessons, not Rock Band expansions"


Dude1: "O.k, you been banging those drums for 10 minutes, I've yet to hear a beat."

Dude2: "I'm a pro Rock-Hero Musician!!"

Dude1: "What? Rock-Hero Musician? That's the most retarded thing I've heard, aside from people who choose to play recorder. I bet that just like recorder players, you'll never get laid for that skill."
by T.J Awesome:) April 24, 2010
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