A music album that tells a story essentially. A rock opera will have many tracks on it, but they will all follow a storyline. Rock operas arent really "opera" music, but are generally rock. Just about anyone can like them, and the music is generally superb.
The first rock opera ever was Tommy, by The Who. Another great rock opera is The Wall, by Pink FLoyd.
by brian May 04, 2005
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A album or song that tells a story originated by the who followed by Pink Floyd and destroyed by Green Day
If I hear American Idiot one more time im going to chop the head off a kitten and I wont even care...bitch
by Adrian Salazar June 01, 2005
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A rock opera is many songs in one that tell like a story. There are parts that sound diffrent than a long song that sounds the same.
by CC March 08, 2005
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