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Ridiculously unattractive fake boobs; breast implants looking as though ready to pop if touched.
Chris suffered a fractured penis while attempting to screw Michelle's rock tits.

Mike chipped a touch on Carrie's rock tits during foreplay.
by Charles Campbell August 08, 2005
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Rock tit is what happens to your nipples when they get cold, or in some cases, when one gets horny. Rock tit is characterized by a sudden hardening of the nipples, hence the name.
More "severe" cases of rock tit, where ones nipples are so hard they could shatter bones, is named "Diamond tit".
Joe: Dude, you should have put on a better shirt for today.
Hal: Why's that?
Joe: It's cold out and I can see your rock tit.
Hal: Aww shit!
Joe: Attractive.
by LordFishstcks June 20, 2007
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When someone's nipples become hard and pointy either because they are cold or because, in a girl, they are aroused.
Bethany's rock tits were a clear indication that it was getting cold out side.
by Jaymz T June 13, 2007
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When a person (typically a bro) is worked up and needs to calm down. See also Chill yo tits.
Dude, you need to heat your rock tits. I was kidding you bitch.
by themaninblack12345 November 29, 2011
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