1) the male equivalent of a camel toe. Usually achieved by wearing extremely tight pants or shorts to accentuate a clear silhouette of one's member.

Also known as "rocking the lobster"
Tommy put on his hot pants and checked the mirror to make sure that his rock lobster would be clearly visible by his fans in the front row.

by lobster girl January 07, 2008
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meaning cooler than cool better than better and awesome-r than awesome
1.dude your shoes are totally rock lobster
2.youre pretty rock lobster bro
3.this example isnt so rock lobster
by fshleigh aletcher (; August 21, 2008
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Someone who is extremely sunburned to the point of skin cancer
Person 1-"that old guy in the beach house next to us is a rock lobster"
Person 2-"haha yea he is"
by u know who it is September 19, 2007
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