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Rochester is a small town located in Southern Ma. It was once the area of Marion and Mattapoisett as well, but it was separated into 3 separate towns naming it the tri-town. However, it is less known out of the three towns... basically because it is mostly trees.

There is a center of town, with a place to eat, a market, a bank, a bookstore, a daycare, and a hair salon - and they are all connected. Across the street is the post office, the library, the town hall, and a church. Other than that, two other stores on either side of town, that could almost be considered in Freetown (Lloyd's Market), and Wareham (Adrian's).

The town carries the nickname of "cow town" even though no one has ever seen a cow there, just horses. They do hold a 'County Fair' every year but it is extremely pathetic and people pretend to be country. It's actually hilariously incorrect and a waste of time.

The elementary school district is fantastic, and all of the kids are friends. Then once the kids reach 7th grade, they are mixed with the little bitches from Marion and Mattapoisett, where the clicks are formed and the drama begins.

The cheerleaders are surprisingly NOT the popular girls, in fact the dance team gets cheered on more than they do. The popular kids are the jocks, any girl or guy to play a sport. The teachers treat the students like they are in preschool and add stricter rules each year.
Rochester, Massachusetts
by Pamela Elizabeth Santos March 31, 2011
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A small town in southeastern Massachusetts. Commonly known as the cow town whose inhabitants are looked down upon by other members of the tri-town (Marion, Mattapoisett, and Rochester). It is a small quiet town, that has no highway or gas station. We do have two overpriced grocery stores (if you would call them that) as well as many liquor stores. The town is a hick town full of fishermen and hunters. There are just as many Confederate flags as American flags (ironic being in Mass. right?), during the summer most people leave the town or go fishing to have fun. There is a skate park where the pot heads hang out, as well as a small very nice library. The local high school is full of jocks and tools while, RMS (the local elementary school) is one of the best schools in the state (the high school ranks very high as well). Recently there has been a mass influx of people moving into the town from local cities like New Beige. Most of the townies hate the new comers while most people in the town hate the townies. Plumb corner is kinda of a shopping center but not really. Lloyd's is nice but very over priced. Lastly, the local bar is the Ponderosa where all the townies hang out and get drunk. Our small town is very nice but if you are a liberal I suggest you do not live in this town.
Non-Rochestrian: Hey what town are you from?

Rochestrian: Rochester, Massachusetts

Non-Rochestrian: Ha! You don't even have a beach!!

Rochestrian: Yeah we do..... Mary's Pond!!
by Nothingbutforests January 01, 2013
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Town that is a piece of shit. Most citizens are found to wake up at the crack of dawn to do farm work, due to many farms being there. After this, they are found to eat shit for breakfast.Full of wanna be skaters, baseball players, and kids who are just flat out strange. The town is part of the "tri-town" which includes, marion and mattapoisett also. Together, they form the shittiest school district in the world.
kid- hey do you live in rochester, massachusetts?

rochestarian- yes why?

kid- haha that sucks, are you tired from hoeing your fields all day?
by rocheatariann122 February 24, 2011
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