Slang term for Rochester, New York; a city located between Syracuse and Buffalo.
"Yo cum to Roc City, they's a hott ass party at my crib."

"U gotta go to Roc City man if wanna ball."
by Toes May 2, 2005
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Yet another name for Rochester, NY. Pretty clever, plays on the name of the city and that fact that it is a crackhead haven.
Roc City is awesome, but I hate all the homeless crackheads outside of the bars downtown.
by AliChronic July 14, 2011
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A stupid, over-used term used by kids who live in the surrounding areas of (but not actually in) the inner city of Rochester, New York.

Also known as "The ROC"

random AIM away message

"back in dA RoC chiLLen wit My PeePz"

by bleeeeeeeeh October 24, 2005
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A nick name for the small island of St.thomas in the united states virgin islands (USVI)
yeah man i here chillen in roc city
by Demoy June 22, 2006
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When the man is on the bottom, the other partner sits on the mans penis, anally. The man then proceeds to spin said partner in a clockwise manner. This is very pleasurable for giraffes and people of the Jewish Faith.

Believed to have been originated from some asshole in Rochester, New York.
Bro, i totally gave that chick a roc city twist. She was ballin'
by assholesUNITEDincanada December 29, 2007
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