My future husband. A sex god. Sex on legs. Drop dead gorgeous. Man who will be playing the infamous Edward Anthony Cullen in the movie "Twilight" based on Stephenie Meyer's amazing book series named "Twilight". My obsession.
Oh my god. Robert Pattinson is the sexiest male on this earth.
by tawnie :D June 16, 2008
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Basically, sexiest man alive. Sex bomb. My sex on legs. Gorgeous. Amazing. Talented. Everything a girl could ask for.

Best known for his role in Harry Potter GOF, but getting even more well known for his upcoming role as Edward Cullen, vampire sex god extraordinaire, in the movie version of Stephenie Meyer's book Twilight. He will be perfect for the part, so Gaspard Ulliel can suck it!

He has an assortment of adorable nicknames, including R-Pattz and Spunk Ransom, which he came up with in an interview for MTV.

Robert plays piano and guitar, and is a very talented singer. And of course a very very extremely talented actor.

And he is a freaking sexy beast!
Jill: Sara, what are you daydreaming about now?
Sara: My future husband, Robert Pattinson! *swoon*
Jill: Sara, you know you won't actually marry him.

Idiotic, Meaningless Soul: Ugh. I cant believe Rob Pattinson got the part of Edward!
Sara: Excuse me? Did you just complain about Rob getting the part? I thought you said, "I SHOULD DIE."
by saraaintyobaby'sdaddeh September 15, 2008
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Robert Pattinson did a wonderful acting job playing Cedric Diggory in "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire", but lost copious amounts of respect when he gained the role of Edward Cullen in the "Twilight" series.

He is mildly attractive, but the raging fangirls bring his hotness level from a 9 to a 4.
Girl 1: OMG Robert Pattinson is sooo hot!

Girl 2: Yeah, he did a great job in Harry Potter!

Girl 1: You mean in Twilight?

Girl 2: ....no.
by Kaffro March 26, 2010
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A British Actor that is most famous for the role 'Edward Cullen' in the movie 'Twilight'. Adored by women and also used in an insult between men that refers to words such as 'faggot, homosexual, gay, glittering vampire, pussy, pale freak, asshole, ugly, hairy chest, and big lips'

Note: If this word is used as a compliment to teenage girls.
Max: Your so gay you can star in the movie Broad back mountain

Matthew: Your so gay, you can star in Twilight and make out with Robert Pattinson
by pandacoach-ricky November 05, 2009
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A recently famous actor who lives in Barnes, London. He has recently been the fantasy of all the girls in the world. However, It is by now widely known that he has a one inch wonder, and is shite in bed.
Fugly girl 1: Itz R Pattz innit!

Fugly girl 2: yeee... he's well buff!

One of the 1000 girls he has slept with: you two have obviously not seen his one inch wonder yet.

Fugly girl 1: shut up, I'm gonna marry him when I'm older

Another girl who has slept with Robert pattinson: Whateva!

by Rpattz fan125! February 24, 2009
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1) possibly the ugliest actor on the current face of hollywood who will soon attempt (and fail) to portray the most beautiful character in the current literary craze, twilight.

2) only got the part of said character because Gaspard Ulliel was too pretty/busy/good for the movie and probably would have realized this himself half-way through and then quit.
smart person (i.e. person with eyes): did you see that robert pattinson guy who's supposed to be Edward?
dumb person (i.e. complete waste of space): LyKe yEsS, 0mGz!11! r0bErT pAtTiNsoN iS s00 sExiiii!!1! hE's sOo mY bF!!1!1!
(pause pause)
smart person: you're a tool.
by meeved July 10, 2008
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