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Robert Kiyosaki is a self-made investor, author, businessman and motivational speaker. He is most known for his Rich Dad company which promotes financial independence through investing, real estate, business, and financial intelligence. His first major published book, 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad', is translated into 51 languages and available in 109 countries. The Rich Dad series has sold over 27 million copies worldwide and has dominated best sellers lists across Asia, Australia, South America, Mexico and Europe. Many people across the world are passionate about Robert's teachings and attend seminars and events to hear him speak around the world, Robert has had multiple Fox and CNN news appearances, Larry king live, an exclusive Time magazine TV interview, and many others.

"Robert Kiyosaki is an investor, entrepreneur and educator whose perspectives on money and investing fly in the face of conventional wisdom. He has, virtually single-handedly, challenged and changed the way tens of millions, around the world, think about money."

-(Robert's Website)
Hank: "Gosh I'm so tired of living paycheck to paycheck.."
Don: "Well, that's just the way it is! What other way is there?"
Sally: "Why don't you try improving your financial intelligence, it will ultimately lead you to a higher freedom and independence."
Hank: "How do I do that?"
Don: "The lottery!!!!1"
Sally: "No, this isn't about a get rich quick scheme, this is about commitment, try Robert Kiyosaki's book Rich Dad, Poor Dad. It could change your life and the way you think about money forever."
Hank: "Wow, I guess I should really check it out Sally, thanks!"
Don: "..No I think I'd rather work a lifetime for a .00001% ROI."
by Elizabeth Denise H. August 14, 2009
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